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Koolertek 140MM Anti-vibration Rubber Fan Gasket - Black

140MM Anti-vibration Rubber Fan Gasket4 Star Rating
140MM Antivibration Rubber Fan Gasket
140MM Anti-vibration Supplies New Power Along With Effciency To Any Machine

The 140MM Anti-vibration is a good item for the pc. A list of special features are fits 140mm fans. Purchasing a 140MM Anti-vibration. To buy the product now at the lowest price, visit the add to cart button on this page.

koolertek anti-vibration rubber gasket black

Price: $4.79
Publisher: Koolertek
  • In many systems, vibrations from the case fans are noticeably amplified by the PC case. These fan gaskets help lower noise levels by dampening these vibrations.
  • Fits 140mm fans

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