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Nexus 140MM B/w Case Fan

140MM Bw Case Fan
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Purchasing a fan for the computer? Look into the 140MM B/w Case Fan by Nexus. A listing of features are 3pin (fan) to 4pin (molex), 19 d b(a)* and sleeved cable with 3-pin connector. It's dimensions are 5.51" Height x 5.51" Length x 0.98" Width and has a weight of 1 lbs. D14SL-14 B/W is the manufacturer's number for this fan. If you think about the particular functionality in a fan which you will want, you can be positive you will get what you need and need. Utilizing the internet only one or two clicks away you can do as little or as much research on the products which you are wanting to buy. 140MM B/w Case Fan, click on the hyperlink below.

The Nexus 140mm Real Silent Case Fan is going to be the ultimate resolution to bring some extra airflow in your quiet personal computer. It supplies the extra airflow your pc may require without becoming noticeable noise wise. The Nexus Real Silent case fan might be the resolution for you. Don't you just hate it when you have build a nice and quiet pc and it turns out that your high-end components are making so much heat the temperatures in your computer case are getting too high?


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