140mm Case Fans

Masscool 140MM Clear Case Fan

140MM Clear Case Fan

Masscool by Fanner Tech

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Searching for the latest 140mm case fan? The 140MM Clear Case Fan by Masscool By Fanner Tech is a brilliant item! A listing of feature attributes include new - retail and 1-year warranty. The EAN-13 barcode also called the International Article Number, for this is 0955999414256. The 140mm cooling fan weighs only 0.35 lbs. When you are shopping for a fan, pick an appropriate guarantee. It needs to come with a typical warranty, be it 30 days or even an entire year. From the internet just a few clicks away you're able to perform as little or as much homework on the products you want to buy as you would like. Looking for 140MM Clear Case Fan. For more information on this fan, click on the market add to cart button below.

Masscool 140mm Clear Case Fan Heat could be the biggest danger to your new high-powered systems today. The Masscool 140mm Clear Case Fan can be a a lot more efficient cooling fan that can protect your PCs vital parts and boost performance. The Masscool 140mm Clear Case Fan cools efficiently and stylishly. Keep your systems cool with the Masscool 140mm Clear Case Fan.


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