140mm Case Fans

Logisys 140MM Extreme Quiet Rubber Fan Cooling SF140 Black And Blue

140MM Extreme Quiet Rubber Fan Cooling

Logisys Corp.

Color: Black and blue
Package Quantity: 1

140MM Extreme Quiet, a great product by Logisys Corp. among the best 140mm cooling fan upgrade. SF140 is the product number for this exceptional product. The color for these fans is black and blue. One of the key attributes for these fans is the special fan blade design to offer an unique visula effect when operating. Other highlights consist of power input 1. 56 w, 2 ball bearing for smooth rotation and max air flow: 71. 8cfm. The 140mm cooling fan dimensions are 5.51" Height x 5.51" Length x 1.02" Width. Purchasing the 140MM Extreme Quiet.

Strong Plastic Frame with soft and elastic TPR Cover to absorb operating vibration to the maximum. Special blade design to offer you a distinctive visual effect when operating. 2 Ball bearing to provide smooth rotation and long lifetime. Super Silent and big airflow.


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