140mm Case Fans

Yate Loon 140MM Low Speed Fan (D14SL-12)- Black

140MM Low Speed Fan

Yate Loon

Adding the 140MM Low Speed Fan could make your pc feel amazing. A summary of special features include real silent, only 25 d b(a) and high airflow level, 46. 9 cfm. How to buy a 140MM Low Speed Fan. I would like you to get the best price when you buy a 140mm case fan for your system. Please, visit the shopping cart link on this site.

The Yate Loon 140mm quiet case fan has a true 25 d B (a) decibel rating - measured in an anechoic chamber making use of ISO standards. Yet, it measures at 46. This quiet fan also consists of the added advantage of both a 3-pin motherboard power connector and a 4-pin standard power connector making this an incredibly versatile case fan. 9 CFM airflow level and is available at a reasonable price. This 140mm case fan is a quiet case fan. This is 1 instance exactly where the case fan's decibel ratings haven't been understated by the manufacturer.


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