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Lian Li 140MM Pci Cooling Kit BS-06 Silver

140MM Pci Cooling Kit BS06 Silver

Lian Li

140MM Pci Cooling Kit BS-06 Silver a great 140mm cooling fan manufactured by Lian Li brings you power within your computer or laptop. One of the many major features is the design for lian li case with optional pci vent. Other highlights include things like 1 x 140mm fan (900rpm). The fan is 5.91" Height x 1.77" Length x 6.69" Width. It weighs roughly 0.97 lbs. 4718466950604 is the EAN-13 code for this 140mm case fan. Cheapest price on the lian li 140mm pci cooling kit bs-06 silver, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

Lian Li 140mm PCI Cooling Kit BS-06 Large 140mm fan attachment for exhausting air out the back of Lian Li Case. 5V Rated Current: 0. 64W Rated Speed: 900RPM +/- 15% (12V) Maximum Air Flow 44. 15A +/- 10% Rated Input Power 2.   Extra cooling performance, move the hot air out from the system quicker Design for Lian Li Case with optional PCI Vent Fan Specs: Rated Voltage: 12V Starting Voltage: 5. 5V Operating Voltage: 9 ~ 13. 22A Locked Current: 0. 87 mm H20 Connector Type: 3pin, also comes with 3-4pin adapter 18A Actual Current: 0. 78CFM Maximum Static Pressure 0.


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