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140MM Plexiglass Shroud

140MM Plexiglass Shroud
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Package Quantity: 1

The 140MM Plexiglass Shroud is a nice product for the system. I feel you will like that the item comes with extent of delivery: 1x phobya 140x140x20mm shroud plexi. Additional features consist of designed for: 140mm fans hole size: 5mm, weight: 75g led holes: 4x5mm and material: plexi colour: transparent. It weighs just about 0.22 lbs, add to cart by selecting the weblink below.

Phobya's innovative new shroud does not only boost cooling performance, it also delivers a entire array of new design possibilities for your system! Multiple shrouds might also be utilised on top rated of each and every other employing longer mounting screws to improve cooling performance even much more. If you are using LED fans this allows an interesting and exclusive effect which will make your system much a lot more of an eyecatcher. Phobya has also considered this aspect and has created these shrouds from Plexi. Cooling performance: The shroud increases the cooling performance of your fan/ radiator combination. Mounted between fan and radiator it makes it possible for a far more even distribution using the Airflow, hence making use of the complete cooling surface with the radiator. Appearance: The look of a PC grows far more and far more important besides the performance of the system. If a fan is mounted on a radiator directly the fan motor creates a dead-spot which leaves several with the radiator's surface unused, decreasing the possible cooling performance. Should the luminance from the fan not suffice it is also possible to insert 5mm LEDs within the side inside the shroud, bringing the before optically dead space between fan and radiator to life!


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