140mm Case Fans

Mass Cool BLD-14025S1L 140MM 3&4PIN Blue Led Case Fan

Mass Cool BLD14025S1L 140MM 34PIN Blue


Shopping around for a fan? The Mass Cool BLD-14025S1L from Masscool makes a great 140mm case fan. I in fact loved that the product had the feature of ro hs compliance for protecting the environment. Additional features include 3 pins /4 pins connector and wire coating. 711050720151 is the bar code for this stellar item. To get the same great price I found, visit the shopping cart button.

Model BLD-14025S1L Fan Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25mm (l x w x h) LED 4 Blue LEDs Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing Fan speed 1,500 RPM +/-10% Fan Noise level 24. 12 W Power Connector 3-pin motherboard; 4-pin power supply Life hours 30,000 hours Application Second case fan or other objective 7 d BA Max. 7 mm H2O Rated Voltage 12 V Rated Current 0. Fan Air Flow 57. 26 A Rated Power 3. Fan Air Pressure 1. 12 CFM Max.


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