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Noiseblocker Nb-black Silent Pro PK-2 140MM Premium Pc Cooling Fan

Noiseblocker Nbblack Silent Pro PK2
Noiseblocker Nbblack Silent Pro PK2 140MM Premium Pc Cooling Fan Image 1


If you look on the internet, it truly is easier to get better deals on various merchandise. Enhance your pc features by adding the Noiseblocker Nb-black - a great 140mm case fan by Blacknoise. There's no doubt that you will love that the item offers this feature, interchangeable 20cm and 50cm black sleeved cables. Other highlights include things like designed in germany and 6 year warranty. Buy the noiseblocker nb-black. We would like you to get the best price and service when purchasing a fan, please check out the buyers market add to cart button.

The new Black Silent Pro PK series fans from Noise Blocker function the frame design in the Black Silent series combined with each and every of the NB-EKA Plus Drive and NB-Nano SLI Bearing style of their high-end NB-Multiframe fan series. Specifications: Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25 mm, Weight: 135 grams, Speed: 1200 RPM (+/- 10%) , Max Airflow: 54. 7 cfm (93 m3/h) , Noise Level: 20d BA, Bearing: NB-Nano SLI bearing, Connector: 3-pin, Voltage Range: 4 - 13. 8 volts, Max Air Pressure: 1. 295 mm-H20, MTBF at 25C: 140,000 hours


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