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Masscool SL-FD14025 Supper Silent 140MM Bearing Case Fan With 4 Pin Connector

SLFD14025 Supper Silent 140MM Bearing


Package Quantity: 1

SL-FD14025 Supper Silent 140MM Bearing - a great 140mm cooling fan from Masscool is an awesome device, brag precisely how much of a computer expert you really are. It's my opinion you will like that it offers masscool sl-fd14025 supper silent 140mm bearing case fan with 4 pin connector. Additional features include new - retail, 1-year warranty and masscool sl-fd14025. The 140mm case fan weighs roughly 2 lbs. SL-FD14025 Supper, visit the weblink below.

Technical Information:Fan Dimension:140 x 140 x 25 mm (L x W x H) Bearing: 2 ball bearingRated Voltage: 12VDCRated power: 0. 32 CFMNoise level: 20 d B (A) Connector: 4-pin power supply3-pin motherboardFeatures: Super silent, very quiet, with fan guardLife hours: 70,000 hoursApplication: Power provide fan, second case fan or other purpose 96 WRated current: 0. 08 AFan speed: 1000 RPM +/-10%Air flow: 45.


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