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Safety-handwheel Shr Diameter 140MM Aluminium

Safety-handwheel Shr Diameter 140MM Aluminium5 Star Rating
Safetyhandwheel Shr Diameter 140MM Aluminium Safetyhandwheel Shr Diameter 140MM Aluminium Image 1
Save On The Safety-handwheel Shr Diameter 140MM Aluminium By Maedler

Safety-handwheel Shr - a great item manufactured by Maedler is a superb product, boast how much of a computer expert you really are. 67061400 is the product number for this stellar item. It's 1.3" Height x 5.51" Length x 5.51" Width and weighs close to 1.46 lbs.

safety-handwheel diameter aluminium polished coupling attachment

MSRP Price: $78.31
Price: $99.80
Publisher: Maedler
MPN: 67061400

Product Description

Material: Aluminium, polished. The coupling attachments can also be supplied separately, to be mounted with current handwheels. When the wheel is released, it automatically disengages. An oil hole is provided, which serves to connected to a pressure oiler in the wheel hub. By axial displacement with the wheel (pulling) the two serrated wheel rims are engaged. d1 [mm]140d2 [mm]12d3 [mm]28d4 max. Prices on request. In accordance with safety regulations, handwheels ought to be mounted on the shaft in such a way that they do not rotate together with the machine drive. Procedure: Wheel disengaged if not utilized. Coupling attachment assembled. Frequent lubrication is an crucial precondition in guaranteeing the correct functioning from the plain-bearing coupling attachment. Coupling attachment created from steel, nitrided, bearing surface ground and PTFE coated, for minimal friction between bearing surfaces and high wear resistance. [mm]17l1 [mm]28,5l2 [mm]18l3 [mm]5Weight [g]660 The coupling elements are assembled together in an enclosed unit. We assume no liability for any consequential damage. The wheel is now positively keyed to the shaft. g. feed screws for milling machine table with rapid feed ). Can only be supplied with revolving, cylindrical handle developed from plastic with threaded steel bolt and with hub keyway. The range of application of these handwheels is restricted to low shaft speeds, or to higher speeds of only brief duration (e. Safety handwheels comply with this regulation.

  • Units: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.3" Length: 5.51" Depth: 5.51"
  • Product Weight: 1.46 lbs.

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